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Strap into your race car's safety harness and prepare for a fuel-injected racing adventure far beyond your wildest dreams. From Stock Cars to Formula 1 to Drag Racing, Charlotte Racing Schools has the racing experience you crave! read more »

Stock Car Racing

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Charlotte Stock Car Racing

Stock car racing started in the 1920's with moonshine runners avoiding prohibition... Now stock car racing has become one of the most popular sports in the United States! Experience this thrill-ride for yourself in Charlotte today! read more »

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Do you have a racing fan on your gift list? Charlotte Racing Schools has gift certificates available. Charlotte Racing Schools Gift Certificates are valid at tracks across America and are on sale now for any occasion! read more »

Master the track and go racing in Charlotte, North Carolina!

Welcome to Charlotte Racing Schools, the hottest internet racing headquarters in North Carolina. Charlotte Racing Schools has everything you need to satisfy your heart-pounding, adrenalin pumping, thrill-of-a-lifetime need for speed!

Whether you want a little taste of Stock Car Racing, a feel of Indy or Formula Racing, or approximately ten blast-your-cheeks-back seconds of nitro-fuel dragsters, Charlotte Racing Schools has racing affiliates near Charlotte that will suit you up and strap you in to make it happen. To whet your appetite, we can arrange a ride-along with a professional driver; or, prepare you for your own assault on the asphalt. Charlotte Racing Schools can arrange lessons and laps so you are certain to be race-ready.

Racing students in Charlotte can expect to travel at speeds in excess of 150 miles per hour after proper training and a few practice laps. Charlotte Racing Schools has vendors with experienced, certified, and licensed instructors who share knowledge and insights gleaned from years on the world's leading tracks and courses. Why try racing in Charlotte with anyone but the best drivers in North Carolina?

Call Charlotte Racing Schools today at 1-888-994-9313 and let's go racing!

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